Monday, February 17, 2014

Roy Halladay: Magnanimous, Kind, Thoughtful Hero

Though some have joked about AJ Burnett taking Roy Halladay's number 34, ZWR fanboy Ryan Lawrence confirms what we all likely suspected-- that our hero handled this situation with selfless grace. Roy Halladay, what a guy! From the linked article:
After the deal was finished, Halladay did give Burnett something: The former Phillie offered his blessing to his ex-teammate to take his No. 34, a number Burnett has worn most of his pro career as well as in high school.


  1. Didn't Cliff Lee wear #34 before Roy joined the team? Was he asked?

    1. Cliff was traded you may recall. Roy got #34 because no one had it (and it was his usual number). Lee came back and took #33.

    2. Actually Roy wore #32 with the Blue Jays but as you might know this number isn't available in Philly because of some left-handed Florida kid ;-)
      So HRH HLHIII took a look at #34 and made it his own

  2. Actually, 34 was not Halladay's "usual number." He wore 32 in Toronto. The number 32 is retired in Philadelphia, of course.


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