Saturday, February 1, 2014

ZWR In The Wild: Ethiopia Edition

ZWR Enthusiast Peace Corps Joe (no lie, that's the name on his emails) sent along the following note and pics. I think we can all agree that he straight up rules.

Hey Dude,

A while back I promised some pics of me wearing a donkey shirt and posing with donkeys. Well, I think I finally landed a shot worthy of sending. Five friends (also Peace Corps Volunteers) and I just got back from an epic five day trek to the highest peak in Ethiopia (and 4th, 9th, or 10th highest in Africa, depending on who you ask), Ras Dashen. I brought along my ZWR donkey shirt and retro Phils hat, in case of a photo op. It came. The first pic is me posing by a donkey on the pass to Ras Dashen. The second is me at the summit, somewhere around 14,450 feet. Enjoy.

zOMG yes please thank you Joe I hope you got to meet Simba!!!

Look at that donkey!

I'd be remiss not to note that all ZWR orders are now available for free shipping (no minimum, yo) with the code LOVELY14. Hop on over to the shop, buy eleven, and then trek to the top of a mountain with some donkeys. Or go get coffee. Whatevs.

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