Monday, March 3, 2014

The Phillies As That Oscar Selfie: A BILLION RETWEETS

So Ellen did that whole selfie thing at the Oscars last night and it got like the most retweets ever (Apparently even more than my TJ Oshie photoshop? Dubious claim).

So that's cool I guess. But really, if you think about, a million retweets isn't cool. You know what'-- ahh nevermind.

ZWR Enthusiast and stud muffin @Wing2J was cool enough to (naturally) photoshop every single face in Ellen's original pic into Phillies. And he was even good enough to detail his methodology! Make sure to follow him on Twitter and stuff, and thank him for this glorious image below. A billion retweets, here we come:


A Phillies Oscar Selfie, by @Wing2J


Chase Utley as Bradley Cooper – Sure he’s had a couple stinkers, but he’s just SO DREAMY that you know he’s gonna have a spot in our hearts forever no matter what he does.

Cole Hamels as Jennifer Lawrence – Young. Hot. A peak performer.  You want to give a long term deal to the long term deal.

Cliff Lee as Meryl Streep – Been around forever, but is STILL the best of the best. Could probably kick your ass in a fight.

Ryne Sandberg as Ellen Degeneres – A smile that wide and eyes that big means you know this is the captain of an impending train wreck.

Ryan Howard as Brad Pitt – Has a history of absolute dynamite work.  The last time you remember being excited to see him was a loooong time ago.

Luis Garcia as Lupita Nyong'o's brother – Who the hell is this guy?  How’d he get in this picture? Somebody call security!

Marlon Byrd as Jared Leto – You liked him when he was a lot younger, and he’s surging lately. Makes  you feel weird to see him around again.

Darin Ruf as Channing Tatum – Young, strong, and dumb. But seriously, what the hell is he doing here?

AJ Burnett as Julia Roberts – Was really something back in the day. Waaaaaaay back in the day.

Babby Abreu as Kevin Spacey – Has quietly put together a career full of Hall of Fame type numbers, but still won’t run into a wall face first.

Jimmy Rollins as Lupita Nyong'o–Predicting future performance is a total crapshoot, but history says things might not be that great.

Jonathan Papelbon as Angelina Jolie – The absolute lockdown, holy butt, most amazing  thing on the planet…six years ago.  Also? CRAZY.


Ruben Amaro Jr. as The Smug Hollywood Producer – put this whole  thing together, and everybody is pretty sure it’s gonna be terrible.  Somehow remains employed.

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