Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going Inside the Hidden Imagery in RGIII's New Logo

In case you missed it, RGIII unveiled his new Adidas-created logo earlier this week (yes, quarterbacks of 3-13 teams get their own logos). On the surface it's not too bad, but readers of this bolg are wise enough to understand that nothing ever exists solely as it seems on the surface. With that, a deeper dive into RGIII's  mark.

INTERPRETATION ONE: It's home plate with a dong in the middle

INTERPRETATION TWO: There's a hidden pi in there
"Now ZWR you're just being silly." Oh am I? He's RGIII. What's pi? 3.14. BOOM.

INTERPRETATION THREE: Dude loves Transformers

This I can see bro Transformers ruled

So that's it then? Well no, not really. You see, I was certain I kept seeing something else but couldn't quite put my finger on it. So like the 2013 Redskins I turned everything upside down and suddenly it all came into focus!


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  1. the most wonderful part of this post is clicking above to see all 3 of your posts tagged with the label "DONG"


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