Thursday, May 8, 2014

Analyzing Potential Eagles Draft Targets

The 2014 NFL Draft kicks off tonight, and there's no shortage of intrigue surrounding who the Birds will end up with when all is said and done. As a well-connected draft insider and your number one source for breaking #NFL and #draft news, let's just say that it wouldn't hurt you to know a little more about the following prospects.

Odell Beckham Jr. - LSU
The gifted LSU wide-out has the skill set that NFL types crave. Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans will be gone long before the Iggles pick, could ODB last? He's a bit raw, but Chip Kelly may like it raw.

Allen Robinson - Penn State
Robinson is much less flashy than some of the other big names at receiver in this draft, but he has the size, leaping ability, and dependable hands that could thrive in Chip's offense. Think to yourself a much more athletic Jason Avant. One scout I talked to  raved about Robinson, and said that he would have been a guaranteed first rounder any other year. If the Eagles can snag this Nittany Lion in round two it would be a STEAL.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - Alabama
This guy's name is Ha Ha and he's a safety. We had Patrick Chung starting last year which made everyone we played saying Ha Ha so I mean if he's there this is a no-brainer LOL.

Johnny Manziel - Texas A&M
"WHOA HOLD THE PHONE ZEE DUB what are you insane?" I know, I know-- this seems somewhat sensational. But if the former Heisman winner is somehow on the board at 22, it will be impossible for Kelly and Roseman to not be tempted into making the biggest move of the night. Manziel is a perfect fit for Chip's offense, and Nick Foles's value has never been higher.

Marqise Lee - University of South California
If there's been a trend in Chip Kelly's draft philosophy so far, it's been to exclusively draft Pac-10/12/14/16 players that have performed well against his Oregon Ducks. In that regard, Marqise Lee fits the profile. But I'm too busy writing this post to look up the numbers right now, so you'll just have to trust me. While Lee is not the physical specimen the Eagles are purportedly seeking in the draft, he plays bigger than his 6' frame, according to the other mock drafts I've read.


Jimmy Garoppolo - Eastern Knibb College Permian Panthers
I won't even front here, as I know very little about Jimmy Garoppolo. What I do know however is that if the Eagles grab him in a late-ish round, he'll immediately be a big hit with the ladies, and that I'll faithfully and enthusiastically refer to him as JIMMY GABAGOOL during his entire disappointing tenure as an Eagle. And then when he leaves and goes to play for the Arena League or whatever, we can TOTALLY switch it up and call it The Janeane Garofalo Era. See? It's too perfect not to happen!

I mean, just look, the ladies:

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