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A Comprehensive, No-Frills Phillies MLB Draft Scouting Report

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I sat down with my team of scouts and analysts once again earlier this week to review some names for potential picks at number seven for our heros. As someone has seen zero combined minutes of play from any of the prospects eligible to be selected in the first round of the 2014 draft, I feel confident that the analysis you're about to read is as thorough and prognostic as anything else you'll read today.

Nick Gordon
Gordon is by far my strongest preference, but there’s little chance he’ll be available when the Phils pick because the teams ahead of us stink so bad and need good players. If somehow he lasts to number seven, team architect Ruben Amaro Jr would be wise to jump on him in a Flash (ha, get it?). I don’t see much risk of overlap with last year’s top pick J.P. Crawford. In my dream scenario one shifts to second base and the franchise has a bedrock pairing at 2B and SS on which to build a competitor for a decade or so. Sound familiar? 

Aaron Nola
Nola is the name you’ll see linked to the Phillies, as the prevailing narrative is now, “holy crap the Phillies stink at drafting players maybe they should just play it safe this time?” Hard to argue with that, Harry! Is this guy a pitcher? I think he’s a pitcher. I’m also just assuming that, if it isn’t already his nickname, we’ll soon exclusively refer to him as The Big Easy on Twitter and Tumblr. And he plays for a college in Louisiana! Nickname confirmed, thanks Google!

wait what

Touki Toussaint
On the other end of the spectrum from Nola is Florida high school pitcher Touki Toussaint. Toussaint is number two on my big board because HIS NAME IS TOUKI TOUSSAINT duh if Gordon’s gone you better pick this kid, Rube. Also at his inevitable rookie hazing the (remaining?) veterans on the team can make him wear a Tanooki Mario suit, assuming anyone on the roster at the time was alive when that was a real thing.!Tanooki_Mario_EPIC.png


Michael Conforto
Conforto is an outfielder capable of hitting a pitched baseball more than 300 feet so he should definitely be of interest.

Dante Exum
The versatile Exum – who measured a legitimate 6-6 in shoes with an impressive 6-9 ¼ wingspan – has the ability to play both guard spots and even played a little small forward coming up. (He’s also continuing to add muscle to his frame, bulking up almost 10 pounds since his appearance at the 2013 Nike Hoop Summit). Still only 18 years old, Exum is, according to many, just scratching the surface of his huge potential. Exum moves very well without the ball and is exceptional at creating for his teammates but is also effective playing off the ball. His specialty is getting to the basket and drawing and-1’s, using his explosive first step, size and body control to get into the heart of the defense. On the defensive end, his length, basketball IQ and quickness allow him to fill passing lanes, where he consistently comes up with steals and loose balls.

By all accounts, Exum is a fantastic team player with top-notch intangibles. He’s been described as coachable, grounded, humble and intelligent.

Haha just kidding, this was actually a scouting report for the Australian combo guard NBA prospect that I copied and pasted from CAVS.COM. Still though, the more I think on it, the harder it is to argue that adding Exum in the draft wouldn’t improve the Phillies’ farm system. Two of my scouts insist he’s already a better baseball player than Anthony Hewitt. If Exum is available the Phils should give it a thought. The only question would be how far over slot Ruben would be willing to go to get this Aussie to hop on the barbie. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI

Kyle Freeland
Freeland is a left-handed pitcher from Evansville, which is apparently a college. No, seriously, their nickname is the Purple Aces. Was a combined 8-13 his freshman and sophomore seasons, yeah but now he’s a concensus top ten pick I really have no idea how the MLB draft works it makes no sense to me.

Max Pentecost
Do the Phils have enough faith in this youngster to use a top ten pick on a catcher? That’s a tough call, but this kid could be an epiphany-- and would be tough to pass over. If he reaches his ceiling, Max will have lots of disciples rooting him on at Citizens Bank Park in the future. With all of that said, if the team whiffs on a another first rounder there’s a strong chance scout Marti Wolever will be crucified.

Olivier Routhier-Pare
An under the radar prospect out of Quebec (that’s Canada), Routhier-Pare could be the type of skilled yet hidden gem the Phillies tend to covet in their draft process. I haven’t been able to find much about this kid, but here’s an excerpt from an article I found in French, which I then translated into Haitian Creole, then back to English, then into Icelandic, then back to English, then into Azerbaijani, before finally flipping it back into English:

Obviously, during his stay in Belgium almost all baseball players "flat" will run at the same time as another front Quebecers. So it can discover new talents and send them to institutions where young people can develop their skills more effectively.

That was the case last year for a young boy called Duss Cyprien Maurienne.

"Young I thought here from Belgium Quebec in August. He enrolled in college-Mont Edouard Petit studying sports baseball, finishing his secondary 4 and 5!"

"Just before I flew to Louvain-La-neuv, I learned that he had chosen midje AAA team in Montreal, I confess that I was very happy."

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