Friday, June 6, 2014

Phils First and Second Round Draft Review

The first two rounds of the MLB Amateur First Year Players from America Only Some of Whom Were Already Drafted but Went to College Anyway Draft took place last night, and our heroes selected a couple of pitchers. Let's check them out!

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ROUND 1: Aaron "The Big Easy" Nola
Hear this: Nola is a straight up steal for the Phillies at number seven. They nailed it with this pick. While I've never actually seen him play and watched don't watch college baseball, I'm thrilled that we snagged a guy who dominated the SEC and isn't some goofball project. Keith Law, whose hatred for and bias against the Phillies is legendary, was even complimentary of the selection.

Hard not to be excited, if you ask me.

ROUND 2: Matt Imhof (LHP)
When you do a Google image search for Imhof this is the second result:

NCAA UCLA Cal Poly Baseball
Vinny Lecavalier wearing Danny Briere's jersey taking a no-look beer pong shot

By the looks of that delivery Imhof's going to throw his pitch into the bleachers fifteen feet up the third base line. No worries, that's what ol' Zoo likes to call a deceptive delivery. I'll concede that it seems the organization may want to work on getting Imhof to not look up into the sky while throwing pitches, but that type of thing comes with developing into a professional. A big fan of Aaliyah, the lefty projects anywhere from a middle of the rotation starter to someone you'll never hear about again. I'm going with the former. Here's a scouting report from The Good Phight.

I expect the Phils to keep the momentum going with the rest of their picks, and be back on top of the baseball world in the next year or so. WOOT.

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  1. thought you might mention who Nola talked about immediately after being drafted... Hint he once broke a few faces.


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