Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Roy Halladay is Better Than You at Airplanes, YouTube

Roy Halladay is the absolute best-- most humans accept this as immutable fact. With that acknowledged, his Twitter feed over the course of this past weekend took on a bit of a (and I mean this lovingly) performance art quality. 

Our muse and current #1 private aircraft pilot in the world wanted desperately to share with his fans a video he'd taken of one of his flights, but kept running into issues because he couldn't figure out how to make the video public from his iPad (WTF Apple/Google?!)

 Here, just read it again yourself (start at the bottom).

OMG HE IS THE BEST I LOVE HIM. But then, to no one's surprise, the man who built his legacy on being the hardest working and most dedicated athlete in all of professional sports finally got it!

My immediate thought: WHO THE FART DENIED ROY FREAKING HALLADAY ACCESS TO HIS OWN COMPUTER?!?!?! That doesn't matter, the key is that he figured it out, and now we all get to watch his flight. Below is the video (warning: watching a guy who threw a perfect game and playoff no-hitter expertly fly an airplane will only make your mundane "accomplishments" like having a successful career or winning that softball trophy or even birthing a child seem pathetic by comparison).

Note to Roy--when we go to the zoo I'll handle the video.


  1. The tower never shakes him off - he shakes off the tower. Also image of Chooch as an air traffic controller please.

  2. One also cannot forget the tweet of our hero eating a quadruple stuffed oreo made with his own hands. Twitter is his calling.


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