Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sixers Pick Practice Location - WAIT WHAT

My colleague in professional journalism Keith Pompey Instant-Grammed a photo this morning that detailed where the Sixers will be building their palatial new practice facility. You can see it here:


Oh, that's cool, it's near the aquarium. I love to go there to look at the sha... OH HOLY BUTT DO YOU SEE THAT?!?!

It's right next to something known as WIGGINS MARINA. Even the most rudimentary of dot connectors can connect those dots. ANDREW WIGGINS IS ABSOLUTELY 100% GOING TO BE A SIXER. Think about it-- would the Trail Blazers have built their administrative offices and practice hub across the street from Jordan Park or Durant Pier? No way. The daily reminder would be too much there's no way you put yourself in a position to hurt like that, plus Hinkie/Harris/O'Neil are too shrewd it's happening kids so you may as well start buying the jerseys and season tickets rock chalk jayhawk.

UPDATED with artist's rendering of Andrew Wiggins as a 76ers:

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