Friday, July 25, 2014

Ruben Amaro Jr. Anchors the Phillies on Family Feud

My team! The Phillies Family looks like they're about to win some C-A-S-H money
booooyyyyyyy. Ruben, get on out here.


Ruben. Take a breath. I've got some good news. Your teammate Pat-- Mr. Gillick--  KILLED IT! 
He left you with 182 points. You best not mess this up or I'll kick you in your behind.

 No worries Bernie I've got this!

Gonna pretend I didn't even hear that. Alright, no need to explain
the math let's win the Phillies family some money!

You may actually want to explain the math...

25 seconds on the clock!

We asked a hundred people ... How many cars will you own over the course of your life?

Fifty seven!

Huh? Name a place you may see a conveyor belt.

In the elevator!

What the... Name an animal that makes noise in your garden.


Ruben. Name something that garden tiger does when he's angry.

Fires Milt Thompson!!!!!!!

(Deep sigh) Name something you feel for your children.

Their kneecaps BOOM BIP NAILED IT gimme the money Montel.


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