Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sources: Roy Halladay to Help Jesse Biddle

Roy Halladay is a magnanimous, selfless leader of men. Despite a level of achievement that could easily lend itself to the most heightened extremes of arrogance, HLHIII is as good of a person as he was a pitcher. In my unbiased opinion, he is this nation's finest athlete. As such, the note filed by my colleague in professional journalism Matt Gelb should not come as a surprise:

That's right. Roy Halladay, who isn't an employee or coach of the Phillies and owes the team absolutely nothing, is volunteering to meet with Jesse Biddle and help the youngster with some of his recent mental struggles. That he's doing this is pretty amazing, that its to tutor the emotional side of things and not simply check an arm angle or release point makes it-- pardon my being naive-- seem even kinder.

Further face-breaking from our hero. I can't wait until Jesse Biddle strikes out the first 34 batters he faces upon his return and wins the Cy Young next year.


  1. Are we talking about working on mental issues with counseling? Or are we talking giving advice on using Professor X mutant mental powers, like we all know Big Roy is capable of? Perhaps a combination of the two is in order.

  2. Sounds like you have the outline of a new Karate Kid movie.

  3. You had me at first my dreams you come back and save us. (uncontrollable and embarrassing sobbing)

  4. HRH HLHIII has probably learned a lot about this stuff from Harvey Dorfman, and it's great to see him pass this down to younger players. Stay awesome, Doc!

  5. Doc helping Biddle was the first thought that came to my mind, seeing as how Doc went through similar problems early in his career.


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