Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Heartfelt Goodbye to Kyle Kendrick

It's an emotional time for Major League Baseball and its franchises right now. As all involved with the game prepare for the excitement of the postseason, their hearts and minds bow with tribute to one who won't even be involved in it. But that doesn't lessen the impact this man has had on organizations from Philadelphia to Tokyo.

Please join Zoo With Roy in tipping our cap to a legend who won't be forgotten this fall, even as our team goes about its business of preparing for the busy holiday season and throwing money at the wrong over-priced Cuban defectors.

Think of it as our version of #RE2PECT.


I mean, we are saying goodbye, right? 

We wouldn't possibly... nooooo ZWR, don't even think it. 

Ruben wouldn't dare...

It's, I just-

I know, I know...

(But I don't know.)


Okay, bye.


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