Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's Official: The New York Giants HATE America

Earlier today a Facebook reader provided this photo of basically the entire NY Giants roster blocking the pathway of the heroic men and/or women providing the color guard before Sunday Night's total annihilation.

A disgusting, classless, downright America-hating act, I'd say:

Click for maximum bigness or if you want to do your own analysis

Naturally I immediately sent this photo off to my forensics lab for detailed analysis so that we might identify these evil-doers and rightfully shame them publicly. Here's what they came back with:
  1. #38 Trumaine McBride - he's probably backing up in this photo for maximum impedence to our freedoms
  2. Anonymous commie scab pig "coach" - probably not even a real coach, just a plant from the Illuminati to destroy the nationalistic fiber of our once great country. Or maybe he taught Tiki Barber how to be a scumbag. But really, the Giants, good thing you employ this man to teach your players proper habits. 
  3. Scab pig player who is really tall and who's number starts with 8-. I don't want to recklessly speculate, and I want to assume it's Larry Donnell since he made me lose in fantasy football a couple weeks ago, but he didn't wear long sleeves for the game. Nor did Rueben Randle or Daniel Fells. Preston Parker is short. That leaves either Adrien Robinson or Corey Washington. Both seem capable of this deplorable behavior.
  4. #29 Michael Cox (YEAH HE IS)
  5. Assistant Mullet Coach, Mullet McGee (possibly Larry Izzo). Nice hair, guy.
  6. Plaxico Burress - known felon. Or whichever guy isn't Number 3.

The same heroic Facebook reader also provided this picture of Charlie the Hero, proving once and for all that the NY Daily News is a sensationalist, scab pig organization hell bent on destroying our country from the inside:

Don't let them drag you down, Charlie. We know the real truth.

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  1. A douche-bag trying to stand up for other douche-bags!


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