Saturday, October 25, 2014

ZWR Helps You with What to Wear this Weekend

"Mr. With Roy, I've got a huge weekend of sports watching ahead of me, most of which requires me to wear a shirt. As a purveyor of fashion forward apparel, could you kindly recommend some selections please? Kthnx." 

Surely. For tonight's Penn State v. Ohio State game you should go with "Video Game Penn State Guy":

"Dude that rules! Hey, do you still have the JoePa SWAG shirt?"

Ummmmm... no. Moving on! For the Flyers game-- for the DEBUT OF SHAYNE GOSTISBEHERE-- you must go with my ridiculously great "Ghost" shirt:

"Holy crap you are my soulmate. Wait- the Eagles play tomorrow! You have any Eagles shirts that are sure to please the ladies?"

"Bro that looks just like Nick Foles. Oh wait, Sixers start this week. Anything there? We're gonna win like nine games can't wait."

ZWR with the assist!

"Thanks buddy you really are the best don't ever change."

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