Monday, January 12, 2015

How to be a Complete N00B

HLHIII tweeted this out yesterday, because he's the best thing ever.

Man, what a missed opportunity for that guy. A few mistakes that I notice, as an expert on being in the same place as Roy Halladay:

* Wearing long pants with a short sleeve shirt. Not a fan. I much prefer shorts with a long sleeve jawn. Also, pink shorts are definitely manly and exude confidence.

* Staring at a roller coaster. Who does that? I know, I know ... "What if his family is on it?" The answer to that is simple: look at hot chicks (respectfully) or whip out the old smartphone and check Zoo With Roy ( I can only assume he's also a ZWR fan).

* Why isn't he eating a funnel cake or ice cream cone? Like I said, N-0-0-B.

* Far as I can tell, isn't taken yet.

Knowing that Roy Halladay is hilarious, he probably staged this whole thing and then rode the log flume with his new friend afterward.

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