Friday, February 6, 2015


True story: When I went outside this morning my butt froze off. Literally, it fell off. I was taking my kids to daycare, so I had to pick up my butt and put it in the passenger seat, then load the WAHs into their car seats, then drive to the school with no butt, then take them in and say hi to all of their teachers... while not having a butt. It's that cold.

So, I'm thinking, and I assume you'd agree, that we should all think warm thoughts. Warm in both the literal and figurative senses seems smart. What's the warmest thought available come February? SPRING TRAINING. zOMG yes plz.

So yes, a dual announcement.

One: This year's offering from the CLEARWOODER line is available. It's like a Miami Vice-ish sort of steez yo. Do me a solid and buy one for yourself and your lady friend or your whole family or whatever. Thanks!


Second announcement, and it really isn't an announcement or anything more like me boasting: I'm going to Spring Training!!! That's right, the Nag and I were like, "eff this noise let's go watch Doc Halladay instructing the young studs on this roster and drink our faces off." So, ummmm, if you're going to be down there in mid-March too let's high five.

Or throw stuff at the dweebs in the press box.

Or eat grouper sandwiches.

Party time in paradise, and such.

Srsly get one of these


  1. I sure hope it warms up in time for the games to start, the high of 65 today down here is totally unacceptable, had to break out the scarf and knit hat.


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