Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kevin Seitzer Discusses How He Feels About Having To Coach Against Roy Halladay

As I exclusively reported way back in the depths of this winter, Phillies legend and general human superhero Roy Halladay will serve as a special instructor to the team at Spring Training. Exciting, right? It's not difficult to imagine the staff-- if it listens to HLHIII-- posting the best numbers in Grapefruit League history while surpassing all previous records of personal fitness.

It seems opponents are, in lieu of our excitement, anticipatory (in a sense) of having to face Roy. I recently sat down with new Braves hitting coach Kevin Seitzer (pictured above) and asked his thoughts on leading his charges against Halladay's. His reply :

MY own heart let me have more have pity on; let
Me live to my sad self hereafter kind,
Charitable; not live this tormented mind
With this tormented mind tormenting yet.
I cast for comfort I can no more get
By groping round my comfortless, than blind
Eyes in their dark can day or thirst can find
Thirst ’s all-in-all in all a world of wet.

Welp, there you have it! 

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