Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nobody Cares About Your Bracket

Please, tell me more about your NCAA Tournament Bracket.

Wait, who's your big sleeper again? That's a really good one; yes, of course I want to hear more about their Top 100 wins and conference RPI. Oh man, you're right, this really could be the year Gonzaga gets to the Sweet 16. And how. No way you almost have the same huge upset prediction as me. Any shot you could you tell me some hedges you've employed. Oooooh, that's smart. The lady in your office picker her teams HOW? What a lark! Now before we go any further, and I want to hear it all, can you just tell me who your Final Four is? Nailed it. Okay, yes, back to how a 12 always beats a 5. Bro I know it Kentucky is so legit. Hey, your alma mater is in the tournament this year. Did you predict them to lose early so that if they get far who cares if your bracket is crap because you're so stoked or say "screw it" and pick them to go all the way so that it'll be the best ever if they do? That's a big decision. Yeah totally the Big 12 is way overrated I agree. Duke so got a favorable draw just like every year way to be impartial NCAA. Your bracket factors in points for upsets but you did the numbers and found out it doesn't make sense to just pick all of the underdogs? Dude you should work in analytics. Just kidding I know you're a baller at heart. Like Villanova's depth? Same. Temple got screwed, I know it. Anything can happen in March, though. Can't bet against Izzo.

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  1. Since no one cares about brackets anyway (I sure as hell don't) can we talk about the fact that Doc took a beautiful shot at A Roid on Twitter today?


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