Friday, May 15, 2015

Projecting Maikel Franco's Rookie Season

As I first reported, the Phillies called up prized prospect Maikel Franco this morning, and he’ll join the team for their weekend series against the D-Backs. While nobody can say for certain what the future holds for the young slugger, I’ve run some numbers through a proprietary software I’ve developed and can forecast with reasonable confidence that his 2015 campaign will look something along these lines:

.334 AVG
.329 OBP
56 2B
3 3B
37 HR
42 RBI
25-30 highlight reel diving plays at 3B

With stats like those, it’s a safe bet that Franco will take home rookie of the year, MVP and possibly even first ever Co-ZWR-Man-of-the-Year honors. So be excited Phillies fan, what I conservatively estimate as a likely perennial All-Star and future MVP has just joined the roster. 

As Franco's season unfolds we'll have all the coverage you'll need right here on your #1 source for Phillies insider info, Zoo With Roy (


  1. might be low on the triples prediction - kid already has one

  2. interesting to see his avg higher than obp, kid is projecting to be special


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