Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thank You, Cole

Thank you for being a home-grown pitcher who turned into a perennial ace.

Thank you for Game Five.

Thank you for being a World Series MVP.

Thank you for being a champion.


Thank you for showing no ego when the team brought in other high-profile, high-salary (sometimes bolg-worthy) pitchers.

Thank you for not listening to the idiots.

Thank you for your charity work.

Thank you for being so kind to a little girl who adored you, going well beyond being a good sport. You legitimately made an impact on her.

Thank you for that mustache.

Thank you for that no-hitter.

Thank you for everything, and best of luck.


  1. Fuck. It just got dusty. Again.

  2. My allergies are SO bad today. :(

  3. Thanks, you have me just about bawling.

  4. Who even goes to Phillies High any more? All the kids were sent to stupid magnet schools or something, and the building is now a mixed use nursing home/technical college.

    (Yes, every time a beloved Phillie gets traded, I run a little Phillies High special in my head.)

  5. Thanks for the perspective Penguin. I'll miss this guy.

  6. This is wonderfully put! Thanks so much! There's a big hole in my heart today... :(


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