Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rich Dubee and Greg Gross Discuss the Weather

"How about this weather?"

"Cold one out there."

"You sure aren't kidding."

"Had to put on a parka and gloves just to walk the dog."

"He sure didn't like doing his business in this."

"Can't blame him."

"Freezes everything you know."

"Car didn't want to turn over."

"Warmed mine up a good ten minutes."

"Coffee sure did help."

"You know it."

"Wind gusts don't help."

"Like being on the plains."

"Copy that."

"Glad I got that new water heater."

"Don't want any cold showers these days."

"No sir."

"No how."

"Forecast isn't promising either."

"Winter setting in."

 "Have to wear layers."

"The wife got me some new thermals."

"Nice. Long johns help."

"You got that right."


  1. Will there be a BachCap coming soon? Please say yes.


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