Sunday, February 28, 2016

Where to Watch Today's Phillies Game

That's right, you just read the words watch today's Phillies game! ZWR is confirming that Matt Breen tweeted the following:

This is all so exciting. The Phils have some legit banger prospects (Knapp, Alfaro, etc.) playing, but more than anything it's the first Phillies baseball game of 2016 and that makes me happy I don't care if it's against a college yes please let's go.

The livecast link once again if you're too lazy or confused to click on an embedded tweet.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Holy Butt- New Shirts!!!

Hey there kids, it’s once again that time of year when we’re reminded just how much- and why- we love the game of baseball. The visceral reactions to seeing bright green grass and sunshine, to remembering that we get a reason to drink on weeknights free of guilt, and just the game itself are undeniably cheerful. With players taking to the practice fields in Clearwooder, and Vegas setting the Phils over/under in the 60s, there is a palpable excitement in the air!

No, I’m serious. This team is moving in the right direction! There are brilliant young talents arriving or on the way, payroll flexibility (wait what), and a new approach that will benefit the Fightins going forward.

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

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