Thursday, March 10, 2016

Eagles Free Agency Report Card

Well, it's March, so of course the Eagles are doing a bunch of crazy stuff. Upon the start of free agency yesterday the Birds were busy with many moves- let's see how they grade out! 

Brandon Brooks (OL): Brooks is a huuuuuuuuuge, and will be an upgrade at guard not just because he's an actual NFL player but a legit banger to boot. Grade: A+++++++

Rodney McLeod (DB): Rodney is an incredible first name, and this guy went to UVA, which is a great school with a wonderful color scheme. Grade: A++++++

Chase Daniel (QB): Daniel looks like a hockey player, but seems very nice. Grade: A++++++

Nigel Bradham (LB): Absolutely loved him in Peaky Blinders, and he is familiar with new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Grade: A++++++++++

Ron Brooks (DB): Brooks loves sneakers, and has excellent hair and lots of tattoos. He might be my new favorite player. Grade: A+++++++++++++++

This doesn't even account for the salary dumps the team was able to accomplish with yesterday's finalized deals involving Byron "Takin' it to the Max" Maxwell, Kiko Alonso, and DeMarco Murray. What a great start for Howie and the crew! It's easy to see why the panel of insiders I polled this morning feel the Eagles are clearly having the best offseason in the NFL to date. 

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  1. Except for giving Sammy Sleeves a billionty dollars, which we can count as having happened before free agency, so it's still Chip's fault. Even Howie is pretending it didn't happen by signing Chase Daniel (probably cause he knows that Philly has excellent luck with Chases).


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