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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BACHCAP: Fantasy Suites!!!

Yes, Evan and I did choose to use the Fantasy Suite. Below are the fruits of our labor. Wait what. 

Did He Boink?

ZWR: Sean’s strictly anti-boinking.

TVMWW: I know he probably didn't boink, because he’s a born-again non-boinker and in his pitch to get the girls to the fantasy suite he made it clear that he was not intending to boink them, but I kinda feel like he might’ve boinked! Not the first girl, or the second, but by the time he got to the third girl (Cath-cath) and hadn’t boinked any of them, I sorta feel like the boink part of his brain took over and he blatantly boinked!

ZWR: Your theory would hold more water if they went on the dates in a different order. Say Ash - Cath - Linds. This way he gets the crazy out of the way first, builds up some good vibes with a cutie pie, and then BOINKS IT OUT with a young hottie who’s feeling the moment. Having stalker AshLee in the middle messed with his brain too much. And let’s be honest, the women don’t hoot every time Sean’s on the television because of his brain.  

"ZWR's right I'm a total hunk." "LOLZ" 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ZWR In The Wild - Jersey Shore Edition

Ohai. Last week when I was on vacation and Craney was running things I forwarded him an email and he drafted a post but forgot to actually publish it (the publish button is very small on bolgger) so here you go. Alex- who rules- made this ridiculously amazing Citizens Bank Park sand castle (think on that) while on vacation in LBI. Reports indicate that it survived Hurrican Irene. YAY!

Click for hugeness

Thursday, June 30, 2011


When someone who gets you into the New York Times and Washingtonian- despite the fact that you're an idiot running a bolg about wanting to go to the zoo (that features MS Paint)- calls in a favor, you oblige. When the favor relates to something you like anyhow (Mack's Pizza FTW), it's just a pleasure.

Such is the case with official ZWR biographer Jen A Miller's push to make the Thursday before the Fourth of July (zOMG three day weekend!) Saucehose Day. "But ZWR, I'm one of those donkeys that doesn't know a lot about sauce hoses and the Jersey Shore! What should I do?!?!?!" Glad you asked. Buy this book. I've enjoyed the poop out of it, and I know you will too.

All of that said, JAM only loves me for my drawy-style, and I can never disappoint a lady:

So twinker the hashbrown #saucehose if you're into that sort of thing. Also, feel free to get into a heated Mack's v. Sam's debate in the comments section. Just don't curse- kids read this site. BAI!
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